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Local Info and Events

Cleghorn, Lanark is close to many attractions such as the puppet theatre, boating pond, and a public park which has a golf course, tennis courts, and putting green. There are Italian, Chinese, Indian and traditional restaurants and hostelries within the town as well as a dozen country hotels within a short distance


A historical market town dating back to the 1100’s which has prospered and developed into one of the largest markets in Scotland. ‘Lanimers’ week in June is a week-long festival and pageant during which the history of the town is remembered and among other things the Lanimer Queen is crowned.

Lanark Lanimers

A Guide to Lanimer Day and the Lanimer Celebrations

by Ex-Lord Cornet Paul Archibald & Ex-Lord Cornet T. Henry Shanks (source and read more –

Although the Lanimer Celebrations consist of nearly a week long series of events Lanimer Day itself falls on the Thursday between the 6th and 12th June each year. The only exceptions to this rule being when the powers that be call some sort of election that clashes with the traditional date. In such cases the events are organised for the following week.

In the past these celebrations have been referred to under several names – Landemuir day, landemuris, Landmarches, Ryding of the Merches, etc. All are versions or corruptions of Land Marches. When the Crown established Royal Burghs, as part of the contract, the burgesses of the town had to examine the march stones every year and report that all was well or ill according to what they found. The checking of Lanark’s March Stones is the source of today’s much expanded celebrations.

New Lanark World Heritage

Site is located nearby on the River Clyde and dates from 1785. It was originally built to mill cotton and has recently been lovingly and painstakingly restored to its former glory.With its variety of shops it shows how cotton was milled and woven and how life was in those times.

Edinburgh International Festival (Aug-Sept)

A truly worldwide event including the largest arts festival in the world as well as jazz, crafts, comedy, musicals and many more. The Daily Telegraph suggested ; ” Edinburgh in August is not just the most thrilling , beguiling preposterously enjoyable place on Earth; it is also wonderfully addictive.”

Hogmanay in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Whichever city you decide to ‘Hogmanay’  in you’ll be in the middle of 100,000 revellers bringing in the New Year in one of the largest street parties in the world. Both cities are within 60 minutes by road or rail with numerous museums, historical monuments, castles and interesting things to do for everyone.

Vintage Car Rally (early Aug)

The Biggar show field is the venue for the annual vintage car rally run by the Biggar Albion Foundation. An amazing collection of Albion Lorries, vintage cars, vans, buses and tractors with enthusiasts coming from all over the country.